Freecell Solitaire by Radica

Radica 73015 GB - Requires 2 "aa" batteries - not included. Free cells are placeholders. Build 4 suit stacks in ascending order from ave to King within the HomeCells and WIN! Freecell solitaire game by Radica is approx 5 1/4" long X 3" wide. Build 4m suit stacks in ascending order from ace to king within the home cells & win.

Plot your strategy! cards can be played to the HomeCells, FreeCells, or within the Tableau. Cards are dealt face up. Take the freecell Challenge! Start with all 52 cards dealt face up. All provided details are to the best of my ability & may not be exact; colors, sizes & details may vary. For box condition see conditioN NOTE or Email Seller for Details.

Freecell Solitaire by Radica - Scan the bottom row of cards.

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Handheld FreeCell Solitaire Game - 8019

Radica Games 8019 - To win, build 4 suit stacks in ascending order from ace to king. Enjoy a popular old game with a brand new twist! For generations the card game, Solitaire, has entertained gamesters of both the card-playing and computer-using kind. Cards are dealt face up and you can place any card from the bottom row in an empty free cell to keep things moving.

This new form of Solitaire comes in a handheld console that lets you play to win. Just press "on" to wake the game then "deal" to start playing. Free Cell.

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