Radica 20Q Junior

Mattel I7014 - Innovative "artificial intelligence" game with an exciting new design * classic game of 20 questions captured for the first time in a portable format * If it reads your mind within 20 questions it wins if not, you win! * For ages 8 yrs. Bigger ID for smaller hands. The game of twenty questions for early readers ages 5+.

And up now for Early Readers! Revised data base age appropriate. 5 - two sided color illustrations over 900 objects! .

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Blue - University Games 20 Questions Handheld Game

Techno Source 01062 - Freaky! the best game you could ever fit in your pocket!". Its eerily accurate! You can't beat it!". Think of something, answer my questions and I'll read your mind in twenty questions or less! 20 questions Electronic Game.

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