Solar System Marble 35mm Boxed Art Glass Shooter

Shasta Visions - Pluto is also included for those who may feel cheated by its recent demotion from planet status. Made in the usa of recycled glass this amazing collectible shooter marble comes in a clear box and includes educational story-card insert with fun facts & cosmic games. Educational insert card with Fun Facts And Cosmic Games To Play! Clear Storage Box.

Recommended for ages 5 and up 35mm 1. 4 inch solar System Marble with Stand. Sun, moon, planets & Pluto too! Crafted of recycled dark blue glass, mars, jupiter, Earth, Saturn, Venus, the Solar System Marble shows the Sun, Moon & Planets Mercury, Uranus & Neptune. Crafted of opaque Blue Recycled Glass in the USA.

Solar System Marble 35mm Boxed Art Glass Shooter - The geographic art is hand applied in an extremely delicate process, that is then placed by hand into a kiln that heats to over 1000ยบ; the art then liquefies to the marble which creates a made to last a lifetime art glass marble! Your Set Will Include: 1 Solar System Marble containing all of the planets & heavenly bodies; crafted in the USA of recycled opaque blue glass 1 Stainless Steel Marble Stand Ring.

1 blue velveteen marble Storage Bag with Drawstring Closure Measures 2. 75 x 3 inches. Also included are a blue velveteen drawstring pouch and a stainless steel ring style display stand. Geographically accurate Full Color Heavenly Bodies of our Solar System In Amazing Detail! Set includes shooter marble, Stand Pouch & Fact Card in a Clear Gift Box.

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Solar System Marble Set

Getting Fit 754316936583 - Great way to Combine Learning And Fun. 10 display rings for your child To Make A Model Of The Solar System. Each marble is to represent A Planet Or The Sun. When you're looking for a brand that stands out from the rest look no further. Helps children learn The Order And Other Features Of The Planets. With a passion for quality and creativity you can rest easy knowing the quality we manufacture.

10 assorted Sized And Colored Marbles.

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